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Jake Iannarino
Jake Iannarino
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About Jake Iannarino
Jake Iannarino has been featured in major motion pictures like Rob Schneider's "The Animal" and "The Hot Chick." He's also been on XM/Serius RAW DAWG RADIO as well as Fox News Radio and Pandora. Currently he is a writer/producer/actor on a TV show going into it's second season called "The Flip Side with Michael Loftus" on Dish Network's Family Channel/AT and T Uverse. Iannarino's stand up is fast paced, and hard hitting. WARNING:This show is rated X and for ADULTS ONLY. So now you're asking yourself, "if this guy's stand up act is so dirty, how did he get a job working on a tv show for the family channel?" We haven't been able to figure that one out ourselves! Come witness a train wreck of hilarity!