Matt Kazam
Matt Kazam
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About Matt Kazam

Who is Matt Kazam? Why does he look so familiar? Where have I seen him before? All of these questions can be answered when examining his profession: stand-up comic! Matt is a veteran comic with 16 years experience who can be seen performing at all the nations top comedy clubs. Matt has performed stand-up comedy over 4,500 times in 42 states and 7 countries. In addition to his many collegiate performances, 2000 was highlighted by Matt"s appearance at Clemson University"s Tigerama, which was held on Homecoming weekend in Clemson"s "Death Valley" Memorial Stadium. Tigerama is billed as the World"s Largest Pep Rally and Matt not only performed his stand-up show for the 35,000 in attendance, but also served as Emcee for the evening"s events. This was the first year Clemson used a stand-up comedian to perform and host the event. Matt"s performance was so well received and he kept the evening"s activities flowing and fun, that after the rally, Program Board Officials as well as student organizers hailed Tigerama 2000 as the best in it"s 44 year history.

Stand-up comedy has been a dream for Matt his whole life. Growing up in New York City, he started performing shows for family and friends at the age of three, but it wasn"t until graduating college at George Mason University with a Degree in Finance, that Matt finally took the plunge as a full time stand up comedian.

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